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14. Apr. 2015
- Depeche Mode - The Personal Connection
Resident DJ Primi will DJ at this years big Depeche Mode celebration for the real fans on May 9. Come early - limited number of tickets, and they are only sold at the door. See you dressed in black.

Read more on: www.facebook.com/events/398737230302806/
23. Dec. 2014
- New Club Stahlwerk event in 2015
Club Stahlwerk has a christmas present
>for you<

There will be a new Club Stahlwerk event in 2015!! Together again BrainCorp and Club Stahlwerk present a club night featuring 2 of the best electronic bands in Denmark.

Read more and join the event here:
18. Oct. 2014
- DJ Primi DJing - and....
DJ Primi will be DJing on November 8. at this years tribute event called "Back to the future" featuring and State Of Mind, Ne:Oh, Ras Bolding, Voltmeter and a lot of eighties tracks with bands like Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Kraftwerk and a lot more.
More info here:

AND - believe it or not - a new Stahlwerk event is in the making!! More news soon.
04. Jun. 2013
- DJ Primi spinning >for you<
DJ Primi will spin some great synth/electro/ebm on June 7. in Studenterhuset, Copenhagen to this exciting free event: Klub Tesla: Ras Bolding, Nordloef, Giedo Primo, BitLuder, Sarofer Zertaga
More info here:

DJ Primi will also be spinning Depeche Mode and related music June 13. at the biggest Depeche Mode party on Danish soil yet at Club BrainCorp presents: Depeche Mode Afterparty @ Park
More info here:

See you there!
01. Nov. 2012
- 2 DJ gigs for DJ Primi
Club Stahlwerk is still in a bit of a hiatus - and the next Danish Synth Festival is postponed to 2013. But Club Stahlwerks resident DJ Primi will play at 2 different parties in the near future.

The traditional gothic halloween event - the place to dress up halloween-style. More info here:
More info here:

Saturday Nov. 24: TRIBUTE 1982
After last years big succes with celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of Depeche Modes Speak & Spell, this year will be dedicated to all the good music released in 1982. This evening danish acts like Ras Bolding, Polyfon, Metro Cult, Sofie Karoline, Broken/Fixed and State Of Mind will reinterpret the big classics from 1982, tied together by DJ Primi who will play the original hits from the early eighties - for sure with the occational Depeche Mode song as well:
Read (in danish) more here:
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