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About Club Stahlwerk

Club Stahlwerk was founded in the beginning of 2004 with the purpose of making a club that would focus on hard, electronic, alternative music.

The goal of the club is to bring you many club nights and events dedicated to EBM - synthpop - dark wave - electronica - goth - industrial - electro, with live bands and international & Danish DJs. Together with the other clubs in Copenhagen we will work for the purpose of placing Copenhagen on the international music map as one of the world's capitals for alternative music.

Club Stahlwerk will focus on bringing you exciting & innovative bands, and quality DJs that will make you move your feet all night until 05.00. The specific focus of the club nights will vary from event to event. One event the focus will be on EBM/industrial, the next maybe on Synth, electro or another electronic genre.

The event type will change as well. Often it will be club nights with an exciting band and some great DJs, at other times it will be DJ nights, label festivals or café evenings where you can enjoy a beer while listening to great electronic music, afterparties and other special events.

Club Stahlwerk is a non-commercial organisation, organised with a chairman Jens B Petersen, second-in-command Morten Riis Svendsen and several ordinary members. Club Stahlwerk works closely together with the event maker BrainCorp in our mission to bring more exciting subcultural music to Copenhagen. Any earnings from the Club Stahlwerk events will be used on other alternative music related non-commercial events.

Any comments or suggestions, you are welcome to mail to us or post in our forum.

Cheers from

Jens & the Club Stahlwerk helpers
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